Since the invention of the computer chip, we have been moving from an industrial to a post-industrial economy, where the nature of the work is changing. In an industrial society, workers are expected to fit stardardized job descriptions and perform their duties according to clear policies, procedures, and prescriptions. Knowledge work is fundamentally different: workers are expected not so much to perform standard roles but to generate creative, innovative results that surprise and delight customers and colleagues. They are expected not only to perform a function, but to design new and better products and services, and even to provide dramatic, breakthrough results.

It’s easy to leave creativity to the creative types, and say to yourself, “I’m just not a creative person”. The fact is that in a complex, dynamic, competitive knowledge economy, it’s no longer acceptable to take this position. If you are a knowledge worker, you must become, to some degree, creative“.

Fuente: “Gamestorming“, Dave Gray, Sunny Brown, and James Macanufo
URL: Gamestorming